Here are a selection of the responses we have had regarding the Beautiful Nanaimo & Area photo postcard CD.

"I received the CD sample and have been pleased with the product. You have really captured
the essence of living on Vancouver Island" 

                  (Rick Becker, Music Dept. at Woodlands Secondary School, Nanaimo and contact for Harbour City All Star Jazz Band.)

"Finally had a chance to look. Nice project, you did well....Just got back from Calgary. I was officially inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame. I'm very proud"

                   (Gary Fjellgaard, written September 14/05)


“I loved it! It was put together so nicely with an organized eye and a talented touch! I loved all Jeff’s murals and the underwater diving photos, really beautiful. I really think you have out done yourself. It will surely be a big item for tourists. …. An asset to Nanaimo” (Catherine M.)
“Your CD is quite wonderful. I was surprised to see so much on it that was new to me, like all the diving information and the view of the Parkway Trail. I appreciate how much research went into this and the diverse activities that were highlighted. This CD will be really helpful to people thinking about locating or visiting Nanaimo. It reflects what an exciting place it is to live. I think it will be quite popular” (Dyane B.)
“Picked up the disc this morning & haven’t been through all of it yet, but the four or five segments I have are a blast. What a ton of work! Will be in touch after I’ve gone through it all. Hats off!”      (Scott Littlejohn of Bastion City Mobile Recording Ltd.)
"Allison and I have now, both, been able to enjoy the "show" - and give it our four thumbs up  (:                        

It's really cool! (to use Alley's word - hehe)    In addition to the collection of imagery, she particularly liked the music that is heard behind the slides in the music section. Myself, being not a native of Nanaimo, I appreciated how educational is the disc - informing one about local people, events and culture at the same time as it provides visual pleasures.

Very best wishes for the success of this project. Allison and I are delighted she's included."
                     (Adrian du Plessis, Allison Crowe Music Management)

“My husband and I viewed your CD tonight (all of it) and we were totally impressed by the scope of topics covered and the quality of the photographs. Your photographs are wonderful. You really have covered a lot of territory with your camera and you have done it well.” (N.L.)

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