Gallery 3

This Gallery concerns Vancouver Island's film industry.

The photos below were taken at the filming of Sam's Lake in the Nanaimo area on Vancouver Island.   Photos were taken on location in the rural Yellow Point area and in the city of Nanaimo in the fall of 2004. Filming took place at several locations in the Nanaimo area.

Kia Vosper, Kaitlin Dunn and Gemma Lane who play the same person at different ages

"The Circus" ...the mobile dressing rooms. This photo was taken on location in Nanaimo in John Barsby Community School parking lot. The filming took place at the corner store down the street.

Isaac Waksdale, Kindred Carter and Kia Vosper waiting for their next scenes. Isaac and Kindred play the same child at different ages.

On location at corner store near John Barsby Community School.

Preparing for a scene. "Extras" casting director, Carmen Amos on left.

Nanaimo actors, Rob Smith and Serra Stewart in period costume for a scene at the Yellow Point location.

Robert Smith with children Kia Vosper and Isaac Waksdale rehersing one of the film's  scenes.

Filming a fight scene in the woods....stunt woman towards back right

Rob and Isaac rehearsing a play scene

Note:  Permission to publish these photos has been given by Barbara Chomos, publicist for the movie, Sam's Lake.

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